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The Boho Stitcher & the Environment

Doing our best to protect the environment is important to us. Here are a few steps we have taken with mother nature in mind:

  • Our postal packaging is both recycled and recyclable.  

  • We include zip top plastic bags in our kits for two reasons: 1) to protect your purchase in transit, and 2) because they can be reused to carry your stitching projects on the go. We would hate for that plastic to go straight in the garbage/rubbish.

  • Our kits come with bamboo hoops because bamboo takes considerably less water and resources to grow compared to many other types of wood.

  • We also use bamboo because it is  biodegradable unlike plastic embroidery hoops.


If you know of any other ways we can be more sustainable and environmentally friendly please let us know! We are always on the lookout for sustainable fabrics and threads.

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